Charming & Pretty - The ART Of Home

Hello & Welcome! I'm so excited to share with you my New Book! Here's what a few amazing people had to say about it!

"I purchased Mari's book, "Charming and Pretty: The Art of Home" and have spent many happy hours reading one page or two pages at a time. Why only one or two pages at a time? Because Mari's beautiful, colorful illustrations combined with the information she shares is so rich and inspiring, that I want to give myself time to absorb it all.I love how personal it is, while still managing to be chock full of useful tidbits of information for anyone looking for how to live a prettier, more art- FULL life. I highly recommend it, whether you buy it for yourself or give some as gifts to your special girlfriends."

Leslie Carothers
Owner - The Kaleidoscope Partnership

"Mari Robeson's latest publication Charming & Pretty: The ART of Home is a welcome breath of fresh air in our day-to-day hustle and bustle of life. Chock full of bright and cheerful room scenes and details, Charming & Pretty is a lovely reminder of how to live gracefully. Whether gifting for a housewarming, wedding or friend who is under the weather, the colorful thoughtfulness will bring joy to any recipient."

Kerrie Kelly - Kerrie Kelly Design Lab - ASID, Author, Designer

"In Charming & Pretty, Mari has created a inspiring collection of gorgeous full-color illustrations alongside advice, stories and guidance gleaned from years of design experience. Anytime I read this book, I can’t help but be in a happy mood."

Christine Mason Miller, author of Moving Water: A Memoir

"Mari Robeson's book Charming and Pretty:The Art of Home is an inspiring and informational gem! The illustrations are beautiful and the information is educational and motivating. I bought one for a friend as a gift and she has been inspired to begin painting. Thank you Mari for not only inspiring us to bring art in to our homes but teaching us how to do it!"

Lani Colhouer Simply Clear Marketing & Media

“ I just finished reading Charming and Pretty, The Art of Home,  and can’t remember the last time I cried, laughed, smiled or was inspired as much as I was by this book.  Some gifts feed my body and mind and are short lived (champagne and massages!) but this one fed my heart and soul and will last indefinitely.  This is truly a work of art, life and love.”

Stacy Axan
County Sales Manager - First American Title
Sales Representative for Pismo Coast and San Luis Obispo

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About the author & illustrator

I was inspired to write the book for my three daughters but it's really for anyone who loves their Home, Design, Decor & Art. When my oldest daughter told me she was moving out I had this overwhelming feeling that I hadn't taught her everything I wanted her to know yet. So I put all my "Mom" advice, as well as my Interior Design advice, into what I hope you will find to be a very colorful and happy book to read. Because I love to illustrate, the book is also a collection of my art, a lot of it, which tends to be a little crazy, but fun!

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Hard Cover - 164 Pages

8 1/2" x 8 1/2" Printed on 80 lb. Paper

Full Color - Printed In The USA


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