Happy National Dog Day!

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Living with animals adds so much joy to our lives. We have two sister kitties and apparently a little outdoor kitty has recently adopted us. We also used to have the most wonderful black Labnamed Marly but she passed away after a long and happy life. The only reason we don’t have a dog now is because, this one, is just not over her.

I have learned many things living with animals over my life, most importantly their unconditional love. These little creatures make me laugh on a daily basis and are right there next to me when I am sick. They are loyal and loveable so I have always felt that they should be treated with love and respect. xo

Happy Bamboo Friday!

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A designer once said to me, “You should always have one piece of Asian furniture in your home.” I never asked her exactly why but I can imagine it’s to show that you are worldly? I thought it was kind of funny actually because I don’t think you should have anything in your home that you don’t find to be useful or that you absolutely love. I happen to love anything chinoiserie so I suppose I would have this designers approval, not that I would even care. Decorate your home with what you Love!

In honor of the fantastic designer Parker Kennedy and his Bamboo Fridays, this one is for you! Happy Friday y'all!


Decor Amour For The Pink Pagoda!

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I feel so blessed. Really...

I adore the wonderful people I have met here on the www! Jennifer from The Pink Pagoda is incredibly talented and truly a wonderful human being. I love collaborating with her and our creative brain storming together! It's really wonderful when people can connect on a creative level and working with her has been exceptional. I was just thrilled when I saw this Mood Board she created with "Beatrice" the Zebra. It is so colorful and whimsical! If this is for a little girl then I want to be 10 again! :-) You can get all the details on her blog.

Thank You Chinoiserie Chic For The Lovely Feature!

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I literally LOVE to see how people style my paintings and my textiles! I almost fell off my chair when I saw how Beth from Chinoiserie Chic put together this beautiful design board on her Fablulous Friday Finds blog post! It is simply stunning & I think I need to have that ceramic zebra in my life! Thank you so much Beth! Make sure you check out her gorgeous blog & while you're at it, head over to The Pink Pagoda where you can purchase Beatrice The Zebra! A special thank you and shout out to Jennifer as well because it was her vision of a whimsical zebra that inspired my painting....AND if it wasn't for the wonderful Linda of Calling It Home we would have never met. It was her One Room Challege that brought us together, so a huge Thank You to you too Linda! Wow! So much goodness & it's Friday! I think it's time to call it quits and have a celebratory glass of champs! 


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I know, I know....crickets over here! June has been incredibly busy! I've been quietly working away on multiple projects and look forward to sharing with you soon! One of the projects I'm most excited about is a book I'm writing and illustrating! I hope to be among these greats one day!

Also on the horizon is a very fun collaboration with The Pink Pagoda! I'll be sharing more about that next week! I you are enjoying a fantastic summer and working on projects that bring you joy!!! 


One Room Challenge - Week 6 The Final Reveal - Studio Make Over!

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Today's the day! The Big Reveal...ok sort-of-big Reveal. After looking through all the amazing design blogs I was so impressed with the level of accomplishments my fellow bloggers achieved with their make-overs! Since the entire process of the One Room Challenge was all new to me, I started with a room that just needed a little sprucing up, My Studio, which is up there, in my attic. My husband & I designed and built our house ten years ago and I've always loved the attic space as my studio but it's funky because...it's an attic! 

I have to thank Linda of Calling It Home for putting this challenge together because it was huge motivation to go through and clear the clutter, not only in my studio, but in my entire house! The other really wonderful aspect of the challenge that I enjoyed more than anything was meeting so many incredibly talented designers. The banter over Gold Spray Paint on Instagram with so many of you especially, Emilie of Shell And Chinoiserie, kept my laughing through this entire process. Make sure you check out her reveal. We both purchased the same desk but she seriously glammed it up with some Gold Legs! Just fantastic!

So here we go. It all started with this cat. When cleaning out my studio I found all kinds of things that I had forgotten about long ago. When I found my daughters cat (she's now 15) it brought back a flood of happy memories, so outside to the tarp she went where she received a shiny new coat of Gold along with cabinet knobs (still haven't found ones that I REALLY Love so these will do for now), my card racks, mason jars & a gold vase.

I was pretty happy with all the items I painted gold...so fast...and easy...such instant gratification, one might even dare to say addicting! 

I'm an Interior Designer but I also have a line of textiles, art prints and cards. Everything in my studio is my work. The rack has some of my pillow collections, if you weren't sure what that was. :-)

Then came the "Heart of Gold" gallery wall. Painting it took a while because I used a brush when actually the best way to paint anything metalic is to spray it on. Then came hanging the pictures. I made a template but I will tell you that hanging picture frames level and straight was no simple task! THEN, back in Week 2 when I was being soooooo organized, I had forgotten that I filed all the paintings I wanted to hang on the wall. Of course I found all of them neatly stashed away, AFTER I had hung all the others. Good Grief! So down some of them came and I switched them out to this final design.

Onto the Rug. My attic can be super chilly or super hot sometimes. Luckily I'm in California so the weather is usually very nice but when it get's cold a fuzzy rug warms everything up! I shopped for a couple of weeks to find one I liked but there was always some issue. I actually had this one in storage which, guess what?, I found when I was cleaning out the rest of my house! I'm telling you Spring Cleaning is a great idea in more ways than one!! I love having my pillows and poufs all around me & Willow Loves it too!

Really the only thing I purchased for this make-over was some gold paint, frames & the desk (which I love!) It was more about setting aside the time to make the space feel good to me which was really fun! Fresh flowers are a must for me in every room. These are from my garden. Sometimes it's a race between me and the deer to see who gets them! 

I meet with clients in my studio, so I have a stocked mini-fridge at all times. 6 Weeks of One Room Challenge complete. I do believe that calls for some Champs! Cheers!

Make sure you check out all the One Room Challenge make-overs! You will be incredibly inspired!

Please make sure to check out Calling It Home & all the other amazing blogger/designers making beauty in the world!

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Thank you again Calling It Home! See you in October! 

One Room Challenge - Week 2 - Studio Refresh!

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As I mentioned earlier my studio is in my attic. The ceiling comes in at different angels which gives it character but also creates challenges. It also has a funky access door to the right. As I see my fellow bloggers making great strides with their make overs, I find myself staring at this awkward wall and stacks of paintings trying to figure out how to make it all work.

So here's what I've come up with. I'm going to paint a large Gold Heart on the wall and select 18 of my favorite paintings to hang. I've created this template to scale. Feel free to use it for your personal use.

I narrowed down some of my favorites but there are still cuts to be made. Boo!

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One Room Challenge - Studio Office Make Over

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Thanks to the Lovely Linda of Calling It Home, I've found motivation to finally make over my studio space! During the 6 week challenge I'll be posting progress pictures of the room's transformation. My studio is on the third floor of my home in my attic. It's a funky space but I love it. It does however have a few issues. Unfortunately, it doesn't have the best light and being an artist, that's kind of a big deal. It also can either be very cold or very hot. These are two functional issues I want to address.

Aesthetically, it just really needs an update! It has a hodge podge of furnishings that are functional but dated. For some reason I have always loved a beautiful trestle table so that is number one on my shopping list. Here are a few pictures from my Pinterest Board on Offices that I really love. Tomorrow I'll be posting more pictures of the space and how I plan on tackling a gallery wall.

Be sure to check in with all the amazing designers posting their One Room Challenges on their blogs in the Thursday Link Up!

Top Image // Middle Image // Bottom Image

You'll want to check out all these talented ladies participating in the One Room Challenge!

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Monday's Mood Board - 10 Tips To Style A Tray For Your Coffee Table!

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On today's Monday Mood Board I'm wrapping up my series on How To Style A Tray for you Coffee Table. I put together this little watercolor painting to give you a few ideas on what you can use when you are creating your table top displays. First of all, make sure the items you collect bring you joy and make you smile. Think about height, layers & textures. I love books, as I mentioned before, because they tell people who you are. Stacks of books also make perfect pedestals for small objects like this fabulous Sphere or an aromatic Candle. 

I believe that fresh flowers can actually shift the way you feel and turn a blah day into a fantastic day. I usually stock up on flowers at the local Farmer's Market but if arranging fresh flowers on a weekly basis feels like a daunting task to you, you could always consider a small plant or succulent. 

Also, think about creative ways to display your flowers. I love the idea of repurposing used perfume bottles!

Small bowls, trays or decorative boxes are critical for me since I'm constantly misplacing my pens and reading glasses! This little zebra tray is just too adorable, well, only because it's not a real zebra skin, that's not adorable at all.

For real interest add something sculptural. I love, love, love these Agate Stones! They are not only sculptural but they bring in the element of nature. Keeping nature in mind, sea shells with candles is also a lovely idea. So there you have it! Ten simple & easy tips to bring some Happy into your Home!

Times Two Design Lollipop Agate Stone From ShopTen25

Scoppio Sphere from ZGallerie

Jonathan Adler Zebra Dish from Hattan Home

Ginger Jar Matches from Design Darling

Stacking Bowls from Anthropologie

Mid-Week Mood Board - Part II How To Style A Tray!

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A couple more thoughts about styling a tray for your coffee table:

Save your perfume bottles & use them for a vase. I just love this idea!

Add a quirky item like this Skull Candle from ZGallerie!

Keep matches in a decorative holder.

Add some sparkle, like this gorgeous Lollipop Agate Stone from ShopTen25.

Of course books, let guest know who you are & what you like. Surround yourself with as many as possible. Stacking books is a great way to add depth and dimension which creates a pleasing visual display.

Work with a color palette. Pink, Black & Gold is fun & sofisticated.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy!


Monday's Mood Board - How To Style A Tray!

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Today's Monday Mood Board is "All In The Details". This week I'll be talking about ideas on how to style a tray. I'm freshening up my own interiors this year, starting with my Living Room. (More on that soon!) If you have no need to remodel your living space but want to change it up a little bit, here's a quick and easy way to brighten up your space. Simply change the decor on top of your coffee table. 

Even though I have a separate studio space in my home, I spend a lot of time working on my lap top in my Living Room. Being a very visual person, my environment is very important to me. A vase of fresh flowers, a delicious smelling candle, books that inspire...these are all things I surround myself with because they make me happy. 

I have a glass top coffee table. To make sure it doesn't get scratched I like to use trays. I have tons of them. I'm kind of obsessed with trays! I recently met @OohLaLaFinds via Instagram and fell in love with all their designer inspired trays! This Hermes inspired tray is divine! If you want a real Hermes, (I don't believe Hermes makes this actual tray any more), you may have to look at auction houses.

Here are my key ingredients to a fabulous coffee table tray:

A great smelling candle. One can't go wrong with Diptyque Candles

With a great smelling candle you will need matches. Place wooded ones in a small jar or purchase ones like these from Design Darling where the packaging is simply adorable!

A gorgeous vase of fresh flowers like this one by Bungalow 5.

Small decorative boxes to store items like reading glasses or pens. This one is almost too pretty for that with the stunning agate stone on top!

Not included but just as important, are books! Books tell people who you are and what you are interested in. I love seeing what books people surround themselves with!

One side note: I'm pretty smitten with how this little painting came out and decided to offer it for sale in my shop if you're interested! Happy Styling! Check back later this week for more thoughts on Styling A Tray! 

1 White Lacquered Box With Blue Agate From ShopTen25  2 Diptique Candle From Nordstroms  3 Bungalow 5 Summer Sided Vase From LaylaGrace  4 Designer Inspired Hermes Tray From TraysChic  5 Ginger Jar Matches From Design Darling

The Perfect Little Hostess Gift!

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With all the parties happening this time of year I always make sure I'm stocked up on Hostess Gifts! When in doubt, you can always give flowers! Everyone loves to get flowers! This year I've been wrapping my flowers with my New Pineapple Party Tea Towels! We all know it wouldn't be a party without them, right? So let your host or hostess know their appreciated!

Pineapples mean "Welcome" & "Hospitality". They used to be quite rare, once only seen among royalty. Bloggers, at TwoChums have a super explanation of the history of the Pineapple in Home Decor. I'll be posting this week about all the fun things you can do with a Tea Towel! You can stock up on ours here.

Thank You Horses & Heels! xoxo

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I love social media! Through it, this year alone, I have met more than a dozen amazing entrepreneurs, shop owners, and artisans all who have become good friends. How terrific is that? I came across Raquel from Horses & Heels via her beautiful Pinterest boards. After a quick correspondance we've already worked up a little idea that I can't wait to share with you this January! Today, she really surprized me though and did the sweetest Blog Post on my New Equestrian Collection now available in my Shop! Really wonderful, kind and generous people do exist people and Raquel is at the top of the list!!!  Please enjoy checking out her Website and Facebook and Twitter!

Mid-Week Mood Board - Hello Darling!

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Maybe it's because I have three daughters or maybe it's because a beautiful bow just has a way of making me smile. Today's Mood Board is all about Bows! Introducing my New Hello Darling Collection! Something really special and sweet happened this week. My new friend Karen from gLaM-a-peeL made this gorgeous coral headboard decal to specifically match my new Hello Darling pillow! It's truly the Inspiration behind today's watercolor! You can find these goodies and many more of Glam-A-Peel's yummy decals over at District17.com!

1 Sweetheart Houndstooth Coral Headboard Decal from Glam-A-Peel 2 Bow Pillow at District17 3 Marilyn Quote Print Coming Soon 4 Girl With Ponytail Bow Art Print 5 Top Knot Bow Art Print 6 Marco Side Table from District17  7 Hello Darling Bow Pillow 8 Rosebud Mini Chandelier from District17 Also from Distric 17 Black & White Modern Border Duvet

A Magical Little Playroom! Watch The Video!

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If you know me, or have worked with me, you know I'm always running on full speed which means I hardly ever stop and take the time to photograph my work, so this was Really Great that my client sent these pictures and video to me....I Adore you DEBBY!!! This is just one of the projects in their home. A Magical Playrrom we designed for her grandchildren! You can watch the video here I will post more on this project a little later but I must mention, that the murals are painted by Marcie Hawthorne who just did a stunning job!

I Spy Our Bow Print! District17 Love!

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It's always so exciting to see one of my products featured on a lovely designer's Mood Board! In this case our Striped Bow Print  (which also has a matching Petite Bow Pillow)is shown on Olioboard Designer, Michele Rice's, design board! I love, Love, LOVE all these items now available at the new District17! I'm especially obsessed with Glam-A-Peel's headboard wall decals! What an inexpensive, fun way to create a dramatic bedroom look! Thank you Karen for sharing this with me! You can see more Olioboard Room Designs here!

Before & After From My Day Job :-)

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Lately I've been posting a lot about the children's rooms I'm working on but I also have several other Interior Design Projects going on simultaneously. This is a before and after of a Ranch House I've remodeled in San Luis Obispo. You can see in the Before picture how small and out of scale the previous fireplace was. So in went a new, more modern fire box, we raised it up and surrounded it with gorgeous stone that reflected the colors of the earth and landscaping outside. Added a new hearth with lights and voila'! When remodeling or in new contruction, it's important to keep in mind scale and proportion. I also like to keep within the style of architecture and the surrounding landscaping. Now this fireplace went from small and sad to being the star of the room!