Hello Gorgeous! & Hello March! FREE Desktop Download!

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Well you are Gorgeous! I've teamed up with District17.com this month to create a fun & FREE download for your devices! This design is inspired by my Lipstick Print & Lipstick Pillow! Please feel free to share and enjoy for your personal use! If you'd like to share on your site please give credit back to muah. xoxo Enjoy! Happy March!

The Perfect Little Hostess Gift!

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With all the parties happening this time of year I always make sure I'm stocked up on Hostess Gifts! When in doubt, you can always give flowers! Everyone loves to get flowers! This year I've been wrapping my flowers with my New Pineapple Party Tea Towels! We all know it wouldn't be a party without them, right? So let your host or hostess know their appreciated!

Pineapples mean "Welcome" & "Hospitality". They used to be quite rare, once only seen among royalty. Bloggers, at TwoChums have a super explanation of the history of the Pineapple in Home Decor. I'll be posting this week about all the fun things you can do with a Tea Towel! You can stock up on ours here.

FREE Gift Tags! Merry Christmas!

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I'm so excited to be able to offer you our Free Download Gift Tags! They are now available in my shop and are my gift to you to Thank You for all your on-going support!!! I'll be offering a New Design every month (this cute little guy looks great with our 2014 Calendar!!) and starting this January you will also be able to receive a Free Desktop, Iphone, Ipad graphic as well! The best way to know about these FREE items is to sign up for our newsletter (@ the bottom of the page) !!! Merry Christmas!

The Perfect Little Pouch!

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We're announcing some fun New Product into our Shop today! We had so much fun with our Lipstick Pouch that we've added two New Pouches to orgainize and protect your Sparkly Jewels and your Glam Shades! All three bags are created from my original watercolor paintings, lined with white satin, & have a hidden zipper closure. They are 5" x 8" and the perfect size to toss in your bag! 

My Summer Rainbow!

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I have so many projects going right now but I am so easily distracted by the simple joys of summer. The weather here has been amazing and I've been able to go to the beach several times this week. (If you follow me on Instagram @MariRDesign you'll see lots of beach pics right now.)

That said, it just wouldn't be summer without OtterPops! When I was in elementary school on really hot days, the nuns would let us have an OtterPop. It was heavenly...really, and it began my love affair with the colorful packets of frozen sugar! So to finish off the week in Summer Style, may I introduce you to My Sumer Rainbow...prints and cards available in my shop later today! Have a super weekend everyone!

Mid Week Mood Board...More Of My Summer Wish List!

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On Monday I talked about my wish for the fabulous Lily Pulitzer Beach Cruiser. Here are a few more things I'm coveting this summer! 

1 Awesome Chevron Tote from ETSY Shop MonkeySeeBoutique. So fabulous you can even have it monogrammed. Love!

2 Adorable Little Bakini from Victoria Secret...love the mix of the stripe and the polka dot.

3 Prrrrrrrrrrr Yummy Sunglasses from Juicy Couture.

4 One of my latest "stumble upons" via Instagram. Love this Summer Sherbet Tip Pouch from K.Slademade!!!

5 Super fun and fabulous La Sardina Camera from Lomography. 

There you have it! Happy Summer everyone! Now off for a run on the beach so I can actually one day fit in that bakini!

Monday's Mood Board - Lipstick & A Good Perfume!

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A few weeks ago my oldest daughter and I went to Sophora. If you know Sophora, then you know that it’s basically a candy shop for women. I love browsing through the perfumes and finding a new scent to wear. I also love, love, love lipstick! I’ve often told my daughters, “All I need is Lipstick & a Good Perfume.” Something else also struck me that day, all the beautiful packaging but I tucked away those images in the back of my mind.

Then recently I’ve had two design projects that made me start thinking about that day again. As you can see from the prior post, I’m designing a boutique and I’m also designing a teenage girl’s room. Both projects are incredibly fun!

When looking for art, I started to pin certain things that inspired me on my Pinterest boards. Can you believe that this Dolce pin has received the most re-pins out of anything I’ve ever posted? That got me thinking about Sophora and all the great packaging of these beautiful products…so inspired, I decided to create my own art and out came the watercolors.

Today’s Monday Mood Board is all about Lipstick & a Good Perfume. These are my favorites!

All Images Copyright 2012 Mari Robeson, please ask before shaing. Thank you!

Monday's Mood Board Is Getting All Dressed Up!

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Every once in a while I get asked to design something really fun and unique. This time it’s a little clothing boutique that just needed a breath of color. My inspiration piece is this gorgeous chair I found during one of my addictive Pinterest afternoons. As you can see I’m continuing with my Rose theme…It’s what is inspiring me right now along with "That Chair" (pitter-pat goes my heart) that was featured on Lisa Mende’s Design blog. I’m in love with the large textile and the stripes on the armrests. It became my muse!

In keeping with the black, pink and gold theme, I found this wallpaper, soooooo pretty! I’m going to use it on the bottom of the wall and add a black piece of trim to cap it off at chair rail height. I’m also going to use it just on the back of each dressing room wall.

Down the hall across from the rooms I’m also going to add some artwork and these round mirrors I found at IKEA for only $14 but to make them more interesting I’d like to paint a gold and black design behind them. I’m also going to paint a frame around the large mirrors they already have in the dressing rooms. This is a much less expensive solution than framing the mirrors with wood.

I still have more things to ad-dress ha ha in this space, such as lighting and artwork so stay tune for more updates on this fun project!

1 Chair Lisa Mende Design 2 Black Baroque Mirror IKEA 3 Floral Wall Hooks Anthropologie 4 Round Mirror IKEA 5 Rose Wall Hook Anthropologie

Monday's Mood Board...My Reading Wish List

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Being a busy mom of three young girls, running an Interior Design business, and developing product for the home décor industry, keeps me one very busy gal. I have fantasies of more sleep, more time to work out, and the ultimate relaxation….reading a good book! I have lists and lists of books I want to read and here are some at the top of my wish list! I have to start with one that is very special to my heart, “Desire To Inspire” is written by a dear friend of mine, Christine Mason Miller. I’ve known Christine for many years and I have watched her blossom into an incredible force in the world of Creative Leaders. Her latest book is filled with inspirational stories, not only about her own journey, but also from several other incredible artists. On a ranking of 5 stars I give it a 10 Star Rating!

In life’s other available moments, I hope to read each of these other books cover to cover before the end of the year! All written by leading designers and bloggers who I admire greatly.

One last recognition has to go to an incredible pottery artist, Jill Rosenwald, whom I’ve just discovered…I know I must have had my head buried in the sand, but none the less, I’ve discovered her work now and absolutely adore her aesthetic for color and design.

1 Desire To Inspire by Christine Mason Miller 2 Plimpton MS. Jones Vase by Jill Rosenwald 3 Apartment Therapy Eight Step Home Cure by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan  4 Design Sponge Home by Grace Bonney 5 Domino The Book Of Decorating by Deborah Needleman, Sara Ruffin Costello, & Dara Caponigro 5 Mary McDonald Interiors, Allure Style by Mary McDonald 7 The Nest Home Design by Carley Roney

My 2012 Calendar & Mod Moroccan Wrapping Paper Is Here!

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For the second year in a row I've been fortunate enough to be asked by Central Coast Printing to create a holiday wrapping paper! They do a beautiful job printing this paper on two sides and the paper is so thick and luscious!

I am also introducing my 2012 Calendar to my shop! A great hostess, or teacher gift!!! hint, hint. :-) I have a whole lot of new product in production as we speak. It all would have been out much sooner, but... (personal update here)

As life goes, just as you're moving full steam ahead, you sometimes have to make a detour to pay attention to what's really important. That's what's been up lately, a series of some sad events, one right after the other. I'm not saying my work isn't important, it's my passion and I love it, in fact these days I'm finding it also helps me to keep moving along when my heart is so sad. So as my family and I move forward quietly processing recent events, work and life go on. I want to thank all my amazing friends who have dropped everything to help us out and for all the delicious dinners. Thank you, thank you, we are so blessed...xoxoxo

Keeping It Simple But Full Of Surprises!

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Some days you think you have it all planned out and along comes a lovely surprise! Almost everyday but Sunday, I spend my mornings with my clients then I try to spend some time at my boutique, get a work-out in if possible, and then a few more hours of work at night...so I guess it's obvious, I'm a workaholic. Today, my most talented friend, Cindy, just popped in to say Hello...always a pleasure to be with Cindy and a delightful break from all my projects. As we were talking, the conversation went to friendship and living a more simple life. She had 2 things to say, tips, that I just have to share with you! One idea she has for birthday gifts with friends is to share a book that you recently read and enjoyed...in fact, it can even be your copy! Why not, right? I loved that idea! The other suggestion she had was to always have your Santa hats in your car because you never know when the perfect family Christmas picture may present itself! Isn't that clever? That way it's done long before December 25th!

We both agreed that we like to celebrate the people in our lives randomly. Not necessarily on a birthday or holiday. Little did I know what Miss Cindy was up to... Cindy gave me the most adorable card (and if you know me, you know I speak with Yummy, Delicious, Lusciousness etc. as my standard descriptions of people and life) that was fantastic as itself but inside was the most thoughtful, the most beautiful gift I have received in a very long time. Cindy made me a custom necklace with the most gorgeous stones. The Pink-A-Licious stone is a Rainbow Ruby Moonstone...DIVINE!!! Wow! I am so touched and blessed by amazing friends like you Cindy...thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Great Christmas Gift Find On ETSY!

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It's been a crazy few days hasn't it...last minute shopping, baking, and crossing off items on an endless To Do list! I'm always so pleased to shop locally and support my friends with their businesses but their were just a few things I could only find on line. My 13 year old daughter, Serena, has an incredible sense of design about her so I listen closely to what she deems to be "Hot". She mentioned to me she likes diamonds...OK not the rock kind thank goodness...(I'm sure that will change a few years from now), but she likes the "graphic" of a diamond shape. So I went on ETSY to shop my favorite Indie Designers and came across Untamed Menagerie, a mother and daughter team. They had a fantastic acrylic laser cut diamond necklace like this butterfly below. I ordered it and received it 2 days later...and I really love it. I know Serena will be surprised and love it too!

Jenni B Originals!

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I love the entire blog world...the downside is you can literally spend way too many hours cruising around to amazing websites, but the upside is all the new and lovely friendships that are created. A lovely gal named Jenni commented on my blog, which then I went to check out her blog, which I fell in love with, which then led to calling her and a great conversation on sharing stories of living a creative life... What a talented and creative woman! Jenni makes faux food that is unbelievably real looking....so much so that she was invited to be on Martha's Show! Anyhow, I just had to share this with you. I will be launching my own "Dessert" line (deliciously yummy baby and home accessories) late November...I have a sneeky feeling you'll be seeing a little bit of Jenni's tasty treats along side!!! Check out Jenni's great site here! Mmmm...makes me hungry!

What's New At The Boutique!

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Bla Bla's just make me happy! I could be working on a really intense design project and then come into my little boutique and just smile. I mean, how can you not look at these little guys and not feel happy? So of course, I always have to have a good supply of these colorful dolls here. They all have names and are hand made in Peru. A-Dorable!  Also, new for the holidays are these fanstatic Bliss Diffusers and travel tins. It smells unbelievably delicious in here right now. Bla Bla's to make you smile and Bliss to fill your senses....purrrrrrrrr.......  

Incredible Talent!

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Once again my friend, Christine Mason Miller, has blown me away with her incredible talent! Christine has just launched her new book full of her amazing collage art and words of wisdom on living an authentic life! I'm so humbled and honored that she will be doing a book signing here at the boutique this November! Congratulations my friend!!! You can take a sneak preview of her book here. Have a fantastic weekend everyone!  

In The Mind Of A Designer! A Sneak Peek!

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So you've put May 2nd in your book, right? :-) From 3:00 - 6:00 we're having a little celebration honoring Mom! OK, and we're kind of celebrating our Romantic Homes article and a few other fantastic news items as well!!! I'm just thrilled to have Cindy Arnet back with her new designs. They are so incredible that I asked her a few questions to explain her creative process. Her answers are so inspiring! Come by and meet her in person at the boutique and celebrate spring with us!!!

My Interview With Jewelry Designer, Cindy Arnet:

Since our last Trunk Show one year ago, how has your jewelry design
business evolved?

I am constantly learning new techniques and ways to do things more efficiently. There is definitely a learning curve involved, as my business took off rather quickly (Thanks, Mari). I find inspiration in everyday things and am obsessed with colors IE: what would look good with what? Just when I think I can't do anything different, a new idea pops into my head and I must explore!

You always seem so calm and happy yet I know this has been a rough year for you. How has your art intertwined with your life?

Well, creatively, I was at a standstill. Yet, somehow I knew that when I was ready, I would need to jump right back in and get back to business. Creating something beautiful is very uplifting to me. Resuming my jewelry making signaled a return to normalcy for both myself and my family.

You know I think you are amazingly talented and I feel fortunate to have you at my boutique,
yet I can see you being in boutiques all over the country. What is your future vision for "Sienna Grace"?

I would love to expand Sienna Grace's presence to other upscale stores. Ideally, the ones I will seek out are those that have a real appreciation for handcrafted one of a kind items. Each of my pieces is like one of my 'kids' !

Can you tell me a little bit about the materials you use?

I have used a variety of materials in the two different collections I have designed.
The Ming pottery shards are the most unique as they are one of a kind. After the cultural revolution in China that spanned from 1959-1961, many Chinese artifacts were destroyed. These shards were unearthed from an archaeological dig of an old porcelain factory that operated approximately 100-300 years ago. Many of these beautiful pieces were once teapots, vases, urns, or cups. It's hard to authenticate each one, but I have a certain standard that I look for from a variety of sources. Depictions of birds, animals, or people, are rather unusual and are the ones that I am constantly seeking out. The shards are encased in a silver bezel which is comprised of a brass and silver alloy. This is an exception to my normal usage of .925 sterling silver, Bali silver, or gold filled components.
The newest pieces that I have designed are made from a variety of semi-precious and precious gemstones. I buy the cleanest and best stones that I can afford. These designs are light, airy, and just plain sparkly!

Tell me about your incredible bracelets. I have never seen anything like them.

The bracelets are made from vintage cut steel. They actually look like little glistening marcasites. These were fashionable during the Victorian Era, 1837-1901. The Victorian Era was one of embellishment. These shoe clips or ornaments, were used to embellish a plain everyday shoe for a social evening out, rather than purchase many pairs of shoes. I have also used some beautiful French buckles and clips that were popular in the 1920's.

Any advice or inspiration for someone starting their own line of jewelry?

Make what you love as this comes from your heart.

Sneak Peek! Yummmmmmmmmmy!

Happy Spring!

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I'd like to say I'm back to posting a little more often than the past 2 weeks... fingers crossed...! Last week was back to back, minute by minute, projects, meetings, and events...I'm not complaining, actually, quite the opposite. I feel so blessed to be working on some incredible projects with some fantastic people. Demolition has begun at Rosa's (wonderful Italian restaurant in Pismo Beach, CA). One of the first things I wanted to do when asked to design the new space was to move the bar to the center of the restaurant and raise the ceiling in the back banquet room. As I write this, new framing is going up in those areas. I'm very excited about this projects as I love to design restaurants and the owners are incredibly kind people! I'll post pics on that project next week!
This past week was a big one too because we were able to complete my parents house for them. Let's just say I love designing and building things but I truly dislike moving! Here's a typical day last week; get up at the crack of dawn, get girls to school, go to office, go to meetings, open boutique, pick up girls from school, help parents move, go back to boutique and work some more, go to daughter's softball game, come home, help parents some more, cook for children, (OK that's a lie, Bill does all the cooking. I'm just the prep chef!) work all night, fall asleep in kitchen chair...Wake up - do it again! So, it's easy to say I am quite happy to have that project completed!
I am grateful and feel blessed because at the end of the day I can say I gave it my all and I get to kiss goodnight to three little magical people. They are my loveys and the entire reason why I do all that I do. Do you think Chyna has enough stuffed animals sleeping with her?
ChiSleeping.jpg This past week I also received some yummy jewelry from two very different artists. These earings and necklaces are so sweet and selling fast!
TainaHartmanEarings.jpg Spring is here and Mother's Day around the corner. It's a great time to stock up! Happy Easter everyone! May you enjoy your loved ones and lots of chocolate!

Poppy Talk Handmade!

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Happy Holidays everyone! It was so lovely to take a day off and spend it with friends and family...I even had a little time to read some of my favorite blogs which is where I found Poppy Talk Handmade. This is such a terrific site of handmade products by some very talented artists. It's very similar to ETSY (another absolute favorite of mine!). I am always looking for unique items and these two sites deliver. Have a terrific time looking through them!

Wings Of Beauty!

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My little showroom has been graced with something very special this week and through the New Years. My dear friend, Christine, ultra talented artist, writer, entrepreneur, and all around Beautiful human being, has part of her gorgeous "Wing Series" here! These little treasures of are truly magical! I know Christine takes quite a bit of thought and time in creating these one-of-a-kind paintings. There are several steps involved and the final product is simply Divine! I feel so honored to have them here! You can read more about this amazing individual (my friend!) on here site Swirly Girl. Her original paintings are available to purchase here at the boutique and run around $200. Christine also offers prints of these gorgeous originals in her ETSY store. The ultimate holiday gift!
Have a fantastic weekend everyone...off to get a tree! :-)
wings2.jpg Wings3.jpg

Baby Booties To Die For!

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The most delicious package showed up today from Baby Bella Maya. I opened the box to find the MOST ADORABLE BABY BOOTIES EVER! Get this...they are only $10! That is just soooooo yummy! I also ordered the baby slip covers, couture baby blankets (with faux MINK!) and infant car seat covers for my showroom. I feel so fortunate to have found these two mommy entrepreneurs and am so excited to share their product with you!