July's Featured Artist - Jennifer Allevato

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I have the most beautiful Video Podcast for you today! I can’t think of a better Artist Interview to kick off Summer than with the very talented Jennifer Allevato! Not only does she create gorgeous florals, interiors, and landscapes she has some really helpful and interesting advice about she created a successful career for herself.

Episode 21 YouTube 2.jpg

In this Episode we discuss her journey starting out in costume design and then switching over to making her living as a full-time fine artist. We discuss the business side of being an artist, from having a beautiful and informative website, to using platforms such as Pinterest, to reach new collectors. We also talk about her big break in working with bloggers and how how a simple mention on the Young House Love blog helped launch her career.

Photo Credit: Anna Meyer Photo Courtesy Of Jennifer Allevato

Photo Credit: Anna Meyer Photo Courtesy Of Jennifer Allevato

Jennifer not only sells her original creations but she also licenses her work. Her art has been featured in Anthropologie, Minted, Artfully Walls and on the cover of HGTV magazine just to name a few places you may have seen this lovely and talented artist.

Photo Credit: Anna Meyer Photo Courtesy Of Jennifer Allevato

Photo Credit: Anna Meyer Photo Courtesy Of Jennifer Allevato

We also talk about her Artist In Residence at the Torpedo Factory Art Center and how that experience was for her. Of course I also had to ask about her orange kitty who she claims is a 'grumpy old man' but she loves him anyway. We end with some really helpful advice that we can all benefit from. She will inspire you to want to pick up your paint brush and start creating!

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For the Month of July, Jennifer has generously offered 20% of the proceeds of these three large original florals on paper to go to the Louise Monforte Memorial Scholarship! Aren’t they GORGEOUS?!!! You can purchase one, or all three HERE!

You can Listen & Watch the FULL EPISODE HERE

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Introducing June's Featured Artist - Lena Rushing

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Here we are already half way into the year and I have yet another super interesting Podcast Episode for you! This months Featured Artist is Contemporary, Narrative, Surreal Artist - Lena Rushing.

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I’ve known and followed Lena for many years. She is local to the Central Coast so we were able to have the interview in my studio which is always extra fun.

Episode 19 YouTube 3.jpg

Although Lena is primarily self taught her work is incredibly skilled and masterful. Whether she is crafting an intricate shadow-box or painting a surrealist image of a strong female surrounded by intriguing objects of symbolism, her work is a testimony to her boundless imagination. We talk about her experience participating in group shows and curating art events. She also shares the meaning behind many of her symbolic images and why she chose painting as a way to "compartmentalize" her emotions in that way.

Episode 19 YouTube 10.jpg

Lena is also a big believer in finding a work-life balance and staying healthy while pursuing her art. She offers great advice and really interesting ideas as well as her thoughts on living life as a full time artist. 

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For the month of June 2019, Lena is generously offering 50% of the proceeds from the sale of this gorgeous shadow box titled ‘The Deep’ to the Louise Monforte Scholarship Fund. You can view the details on her website HERE!

‘The Deep’ by Lena Rushing

‘The Deep’ by Lena Rushing


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Introducing Jane Gianarelli - April's Featured Creative - Episode 16

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If you follow me, you probably have a love for Interior Design and Room Renderings. Well, I have a real treat for you today! Meet my friend, and fellow Italian, Jane Gianarelli! In today’s Episode we talk about how she combined her two passions of Interior Design and Fine Art into a thriving niche business!

Episode 16 YouTube 2.jpg
Episode 16 YouTube 12.jpg

I have followed Jane for a long time on Instagram because I love a good room sketch! Jane’s work is so incredibly beautiful and well executed. We have similar backgrounds as Interior Designers. We discuss how there is just no way you can illustrate a room like this without understanding all the details that go into Interior Design. What she creates is a true ART-FORM and can not be replaced by a tech app! Like Jane, I too loved the rendering part of the Interior Design process (which I am now turning into larger fine art paintings) where as she has created a thriving business rendering for top Interior Designers all throughout the United States.

Credit to Shay Geyer & IBB Design

Credit to Shay Geyer & IBB Design

This is such a fun Episode and just another amazing example of how you can turn your art into an abundant and joyful day job!


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March's Featured Entrepreneur - Cindy Arnet - Sienna Grace Jewelry - Episode #14

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Happy Spring Equinox & Happy Full Moon in Libra! What a great day to share this fun Episode with the very talented Cindy Arnet of Sienna Grace Jewelry! It also happens to be her Birthday, so what better day to celebrate her!

Episode 14 YouTube 2.jpg

Cindy and I have been friends for a long time and she actually spent a weekend with me up in San Francisco with my sweet sister, Louise, before she passed away. It’s meaningful because this podcast was created in my sister’s memory to carry on her legacy of helping others so was I really happy to have her in my home studio for this interview.

Episode 14 YouTube 6.jpg

What’s even more fun, is that since our first chance meeting in my boutique, Cindy has gone on to be quite the designer! It was so great to ask her how she found her groove and the secrets to her success!

Episode 14 YouTube 8.jpg

By working with companies like The Artisan Group, Cindy has successfully had her jewelry placed in the best Swag Bags and in the hands of top Hollywood stylists. We talk about the evolution of her career as a jewelry designer and how she found this to be a great marketing tool for her beautiful designs. Her work has been seen on popular television shows like; The Vampire Diaries, Jane The Virgin, Pretty Little Liars, Mom, Law and Order: SVU, and Nickelodeon's Bella and the Bulldogs. Cindy is generously sharing her words of advice not only for jewelry designers but any creative entrepreneur. We discuss topics like selling on-line and which platforms are working as well as which ones are not. We also talk about the pressures of social media and how to navigate through it as artists.

It’s a short but super informative episode that I hope you enjoy! Happy Spring!! xo Mari

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March's Featured Artist - Bridgette Thornton - Episode #13

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Introducing the very lovely & talented Bridgette Thornton of Paint & Petals! Bridgette is my Featured Artist for the month of March! You can now Listen and Watch the Full Episode HERE! While you are there I would love it if you left a comment, gave it a thumbs up, or even better, subscribed to my YouTube Channel. All those things will help spread the word about these amazing artists who are sharing so much great advice!

Episode 13 YouTube 2.jpg

Bridgette Thornton of Paint & Petals is a very successful commercial illustrator. Have you ever wondered how artists collaborate with large retail companies like Anthropologie and Serena & Lily? Bridgette has collaborations with both and she’s sharing how she made it happen!

Episode 13 YouTube 8.jpg

In this episode we talk about her tenacity and how she was able to connect with these brands and build a successful career as an artist licensing to them.

Bridgette's joyful and colorful floral paintings translate beautifully onto her own line of stationery, greeting cards, wrapping paper and textiles. We talk about the specifics of how she creates those items as well as what it's really like to work with large home decor companies.

Episode 13 YouTube 4.jpg

She also share some incredibly helpful resources for any artist looking to make a profitable living from their craft. She is lovely and positive and her advice at the end is incredibly inspirational.

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 3.20.53 PM.png

As this month’s Featured Artist, 20% of the Proceeds from the Sale of Bridgette’s ‘Sage Print’ will go to the Louise Monforte Memorial Art Scholarship. Thank you so much Bridgette! I am also excited to share that the deadline for submissions for the 2 visual arts scholarships will also be coming up this month. I can’t wait to see the art these young artists are creating!! Stay tuned for that!

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October's Featured Artist - Meet Tug Rice

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I'm so excited to share with you one of my most absolute favorite illustrators, Tug Rice. Tug is this month's Spotlight Artist! It’s fitting because Tug is used to being in the spotlight for his acting work but now it’s time to shine the light on him for his wonderful art work.

You can listen to Tug's full podcast interview HERE. The video version on YouTube also allows you to see more of his gorgeous artwork.

Episode 3 Tug YouTube 2.jpg

I met Tug on Instagram a few years ago. It was easy to fall in love with his effortless illustrations that always seem to have something cheeky about them. He mainly chooses to illustrate scenes from around New York City where he lives and perhaps it’s that or maybe it’s because his sketches leave you wanting to know more about the person on the page, either way it’s brilliant and I adore all his creations.

Episode 3 Tug YouTube 7.jpg

Tug works digitally but his art looks like watercolor or sometimes pencil and ink.

Episode 3 Tug YouTube 8.jpg

In this episode Tug and I talk about his journey as a self taught artist and how a last minute decision to enter an art exhibit led to his incredibly successful career as an illustrator. He recently collaborated with jewelry designer, Harry Winston for a beautiful 6 page spread in Harper's Bazaar. You will also find Tug's work in The Wall Street Journal, Vogue Poland, Travel & Leisure, and Rowing Blazers.

Episode 3 Tug YouTube 14.jpg

Tug has so graciously allowed me three pieces of his art to be sold this month to raise funds for the Louise Monforte Art Scholarship. They are available for the month of October in my on-line Shop under the Give Back category.

Listen to the Full Episode HERE

Website: TugRice.com

Twitter & Instagram: @TugRice

September's Featured Creative Entrepreneur - Amie Freling-Brown Artist/Designer - MeMe Hill Studio

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It was such a treat to Interview Amie Freling-Brown of Meme Hill Studio for Podcast Episode 2!

You can listen to the Full Episode HERE!

Episode 2 Amie YouTube 2.jpg

Amie and I met via Instagram a couple of years ago. I was so intrigued with her creative journey because she was the first Artist turned Interior Designer that I had ever met and the similarities we had with our work and family lives were uncanny! Plus the fact that she is one of the kindest souls I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing!

Episode 2 Amie YouTube 4.jpg

Her creative journey began around her Grandmother Hill’s beloved card table always equipped with crayons, paper, glue and glitter! Little did her grandparent's know at that time what an influential artist and designer she would become! I love this Podcast Episode because she really shares a wealth of information on how her grass-roots business and love of hand painted objects led to her landing her product in Nordstroms! And that was just the beginning…

Episode 2 Amie YouTube 11.jpg

Now you can find Amie wearing many hats including brand ambassador and social media influencer. Her powerhouse portfolio of brands include, HomeGoods, Raymour and Flanigan, Sherwin-Williams, Delta Faucet, Laura Ashley, Progress Lighting,  Lipton, The Bon-ton, and many more. Amie is a recent winner of the Home Depot DIY think tank competition and is a 2018 Better Homes Magazine Stylemaker.

Even with a looooong list of amazing accomplishments, I think what I love the most about Amie is her warmth and genuine willingness to help other people. She paints these beautiful murals for children’s hospitals and donates many hours to community outreach projects.

Episode 2 Amie YouTube 6.jpg