What A Mess!

by Mari Robeson

They say New York is the city that doesn't sleep...which I kept repeating to myself last night as I stayed up to the wee hours getting my paintings ready to ship to New York for my first ever Gift Show! I had to snap a picture in the middle of the night, if only to document the madness and the MESS! Believe it or not, that was organized mess! Scary, I know... But all very exciting too... I've decided to go down yet another path with my career and pursue the wholesale business. My intention is to share my children's line with the world, to the best of my ability. I hope my artwork will inspire and uplift the spirits of all who view it. That said, I wouldn't have had this wonderful opportunity to be in New York (huge waiting list!) if it wasn't for my good friend and now, super sales rep., Crystal, and her lovely mother-in-law Joyce (lighting designer extraordinare'!) Fingers crossed...this is an entirely different venture for me. I'm just jumping on the roller coaster and hoping for a fun ride!
NYStudio1.jpg NYStudio2.jpg