Introducing June's Featured Artist - Lena Rushing

by Mari Robeson in

Here we are already half way into the year and I have yet another super interesting Podcast Episode for you! This months Featured Artist is Contemporary, Narrative, Surreal Artist - Lena Rushing.

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I’ve known and followed Lena for many years. She is local to the Central Coast so we were able to have the interview in my studio which is always extra fun.

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Although Lena is primarily self taught her work is incredibly skilled and masterful. Whether she is crafting an intricate shadow-box or painting a surrealist image of a strong female surrounded by intriguing objects of symbolism, her work is a testimony to her boundless imagination. We talk about her experience participating in group shows and curating art events. She also shares the meaning behind many of her symbolic images and why she chose painting as a way to "compartmentalize" her emotions in that way.

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Lena is also a big believer in finding a work-life balance and staying healthy while pursuing her art. She offers great advice and really interesting ideas as well as her thoughts on living life as a full time artist. 

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For the month of June 2019, Lena is generously offering 50% of the proceeds from the sale of this gorgeous shadow box titled ‘The Deep’ to the Louise Monforte Scholarship Fund. You can view the details on her website HERE!

‘The Deep’ by Lena Rushing

‘The Deep’ by Lena Rushing


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