April's Featured Artist - Aaron Christensen of Embellishments Studio - Episode 15

by Mari Robeson

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I’m so excited about this month’s Featured Artist for a couple of reasons. Introducing Aaron Christensen of Embellishments Studio! First of all, Aaron is a very good friend. We met years ago at the ABC KIDS EXPO in Las Vegas when we were both designing a lot of products for the children’s decor industry. It took about a minute to feel like we had been friends for a very long time. I was there with my BFF Stacy Axan and between the quick whit and banter of the two of them I was left in tears, laughing for hours. So it’s no surprise that his personal charm would translate easily into the gorgeous art he creates for Boys and Teen rooms.

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When I started this podcast I knew I had to have him on, not only because he’s such a wonderful creative soul, but because I’m fascinated by how he has created a profitable niche for his art. This is something I wanted to share with the younger artists out there, that finding a niche and mastering your craft in that niche, can be a very viable way to make a living as an artist.

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Aaron has designed for major retail companies such as Target, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Z Gallerie just to name a FEW! He’s also been featured on Apartment Therapy, HGTV, MTV Cribs….designed for celebrities etc…the list goes on and on! So how honored am I to have had the opportunity to pick his brain on this Episode AND even more honored that he is donating 20% of the sales from his New Rough Game Sports Collection (for the month of April) to the Louise Monforte Memorial Scholarship!!! WOW!

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Speaking of the Scholarship, I have received the applications and they are ALL SO GOOD!! I have already selected the recipient of the Dance Scholarship and I can not wait to share her story and that of the selected Visual Artist with you! Look for a future YouTube video on that! The Scholarships for 2019 will be awarded on June 4th and of course I’ll be posting about that here as well!! It’s going to be so fun to follow these young creatives on their amazing journey’s! Thank you so much for supporting this Mission to Support The ARTS!!

I hope you will really enjoy this Episode with Aaron and there is a pretty funny Bonus Episode at the end where we talk about ‘The Squirrel’ Soooo cute!

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