Introducing Jane Gianarelli - April's Featured Creative - Episode 16

by Mari Robeson in

If you follow me, you probably have a love for Interior Design and Room Renderings. Well, I have a real treat for you today! Meet my friend, and fellow Italian, Jane Gianarelli! In today’s Episode we talk about how she combined her two passions of Interior Design and Fine Art into a thriving niche business!

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I have followed Jane for a long time on Instagram because I love a good room sketch! Jane’s work is so incredibly beautiful and well executed. We have similar backgrounds as Interior Designers. We discuss how there is just no way you can illustrate a room like this without understanding all the details that go into Interior Design. What she creates is a true ART-FORM and can not be replaced by a tech app! Like Jane, I too loved the rendering part of the Interior Design process (which I am now turning into larger fine art paintings) where as she has created a thriving business rendering for top Interior Designers all throughout the United States.

Credit to Shay Geyer & IBB Design

Credit to Shay Geyer & IBB Design

This is such a fun Episode and just another amazing example of how you can turn your art into an abundant and joyful day job!


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