March's Featured Artist - Bridgette Thornton - Episode #13

by Mari Robeson in

Introducing the very lovely & talented Bridgette Thornton of Paint & Petals! Bridgette is my Featured Artist for the month of March! You can now Listen and Watch the Full Episode HERE! While you are there I would love it if you left a comment, gave it a thumbs up, or even better, subscribed to my YouTube Channel. All those things will help spread the word about these amazing artists who are sharing so much great advice!

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Bridgette Thornton of Paint & Petals is a very successful commercial illustrator. Have you ever wondered how artists collaborate with large retail companies like Anthropologie and Serena & Lily? Bridgette has collaborations with both and she’s sharing how she made it happen!

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In this episode we talk about her tenacity and how she was able to connect with these brands and build a successful career as an artist licensing to them.

Bridgette's joyful and colorful floral paintings translate beautifully onto her own line of stationery, greeting cards, wrapping paper and textiles. We talk about the specifics of how she creates those items as well as what it's really like to work with large home decor companies.

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She also share some incredibly helpful resources for any artist looking to make a profitable living from their craft. She is lovely and positive and her advice at the end is incredibly inspirational.

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As this month’s Featured Artist, 20% of the Proceeds from the Sale of Bridgette’s ‘Sage Print’ will go to the Louise Monforte Memorial Art Scholarship. Thank you so much Bridgette! I am also excited to share that the deadline for submissions for the 2 visual arts scholarships will also be coming up this month. I can’t wait to see the art these young artists are creating!! Stay tuned for that!

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