March's Featured Entrepreneur - Cindy Arnet - Sienna Grace Jewelry - Episode #14

by Mari Robeson in

Happy Spring Equinox & Happy Full Moon in Libra! What a great day to share this fun Episode with the very talented Cindy Arnet of Sienna Grace Jewelry! It also happens to be her Birthday, so what better day to celebrate her!

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Cindy and I have been friends for a long time and she actually spent a weekend with me up in San Francisco with my sweet sister, Louise, before she passed away. It’s meaningful because this podcast was created in my sister’s memory to carry on her legacy of helping others so was I really happy to have her in my home studio for this interview.

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What’s even more fun, is that since our first chance meeting in my boutique, Cindy has gone on to be quite the designer! It was so great to ask her how she found her groove and the secrets to her success!

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By working with companies like The Artisan Group, Cindy has successfully had her jewelry placed in the best Swag Bags and in the hands of top Hollywood stylists. We talk about the evolution of her career as a jewelry designer and how she found this to be a great marketing tool for her beautiful designs. Her work has been seen on popular television shows like; The Vampire Diaries, Jane The Virgin, Pretty Little Liars, Mom, Law and Order: SVU, and Nickelodeon's Bella and the Bulldogs. Cindy is generously sharing her words of advice not only for jewelry designers but any creative entrepreneur. We discuss topics like selling on-line and which platforms are working as well as which ones are not. We also talk about the pressures of social media and how to navigate through it as artists.

It’s a short but super informative episode that I hope you enjoy! Happy Spring!! xo Mari

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