October's Featured Artist - Anthony Tambourini

by Mari Robeson

This was such a fun interview to record. I met Anthony on Instagram and instantly became a fan of his beautiful work! Anthony is my first European interview! From California to Liverpool - WooHoo!

Episode 27 YouTube 2.jpg

Anthony started as a young graphic designer and illustrator in London when he was only 17 years old but a few years afterward he fell away from his art to pursue a different career. Decades later, it was his love for his girlfriend and her faith in him that made him pick up his pen once again and he returned to illustration, inspired by his frequent travels to Paris, London, and the French Riviera. Thankfully for all of us because his incredibly detailed illustrations of iconic European landmarks are a feast for the eyes!

He started small with commissioned prints of famous landmarks, then developed into blog illustrations, logos, and a series of Native American portraits for an American Interior Design firm. Now he's been featured in several magazines published in Paris and has his illustrations in restaurants and landmarks worldwide.

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You can feel how humble he is about his incredible talent in this episode which makes his work even more charming. The English accent doesn't hurt either! Although I did struggle a bit to understand his story of one of his illustrations. (I thought he illustrated a painting but it was actually a picture he took!) Thankfully this is a visual podcast and you will see what I mean in the episode. He also offers some very helpful advice at the end.

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For the month of October Anthony is offering 20% of the sale proceeds of this print to the Louise Monforte Memorial Art Scholarship. Thank You Anthony!

Featured Art For The Scholarship - Parisian Cafe

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Instagram: @Tambo14

Anthony has a New online shop where you can view & purchase his prints: https://tambo14illustrations.myshopify.com/