October's Featured Creative Entrepreneur - Author/Artist/Explorer -Christine Mason Miller

by Mari Robeson

They say timing is everything and in this case I couldn't be more excited to share my incredibly talented friend, Christine Mason Miller in Podcast Episode #4, the day her New Book; The Meandering River of Unfathomable Joy, is officially released for Pre-Sales!

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But first, a little about this amazing woman. I met Christine years ago when she had a very successful greeting card company called, Swirly. I was just starting out with my own greeting card company and reached out to her. At the time she was living in beautiful Santa Barbara, just about an hour South of me. Almost instantaneously, we became fast friends and kindred soul sisters in the land of creativity.

Through the years Christine has had an incredible career as an artist, author and teacher. In fact, I'm sure you would recognize her work because it has been successfully licensed all over the world. She has taught on-line courses, created inspiring retreats, written and illustrated five books, to just name a few of her outstanding accomplishments. So you would think that would lead to a person with a huge ego but in fact, the opposite is true. When you visit Christine's website, the first page you will land on is one of my favorite quotes from Mother Theresa. Christine truly lives and acts by these words.

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There are very few people I have met in my life that have impacted me in such a positive way. I will share with you that when my sister passed away, I had hundreds of books that were pre-sold that I needed to pack and deliver. I was in between a state of shock, grief and feeling completely overwhelmed. Christine drove up from Santa Barbara, gave me a huge hug, then said, "How can I help you?" Those 5 words....saved me.

Then for 2 days we packed up and shipped out all the books. I can not tell you how much that meant to me and how inspired I am by her "small acts of kindness" that she delivers with "great love".

Almost two years later and a lot of personal growth, I will never be able to show her how grateful I was for her presence at one of the most difficult times of my life. I wanted to share this back story with you because this is the essence of who Christine is and it shows up in all her art, her teaching and her books. In fact, when I read this book it made me think of traveling and every day life in an entirely new way. To focus on the blessings in the most difficult situations. To show up for life fully, without regret. To grow in the most uncomfortable places of ourselves.

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In her Podcast Episode we discuss why she created the book and how she "discovers a place of deep, abiding faith that affirms her spiritual journey around every corner, teaching her what it means to embrace what is, to live in gratitude, and to surrender to the flow of each moment."

When I read her book I found myself hanging onto every word as she invited me into her enchanting and inspiring adventure. Not only is the book visually gorgeous, I found myself laughing, and at times crying, as if I was one of her girlfriends traveling with her on a soulful adventure of a lifetime.

I've already ordered mine! Pre-Sales of the book are Now Available HERE!