A Little Update & A New Adventure!

by Mari Robeson

As you can see it's been crickets over here on my blog! The year started off incredibly busy and is still going strong with collaborations, new clients, and personal projects like the 100 Day Project. I just completed round 2 of the project which was a painting a day for 100 days. If you follow me on Instagram, then you saw all 100 of them! This was the last of the 100, although I'm still painting and posting and will continue while I travel through Italy!

So soon I'll be off on the biggest adventure of my life with my sweet husband, Bill. The girls, my parents and my big brother are all holding down the Robeson compound while we travel through Europe. My businesses will be closed until Mid-May. If you've popped over to my Shop you'll notice I'm doing some remodeling and I'm so excited about my upcoming projects that will unfold later this year.

I have my paints and sketchbook all packed! I hope you'll follow along on my Instagram, @MariRDesign! xoxo Ciao!!! #MissMariTravels