My New Book Trailer!! Woohoo! & Book Update!

by Mari Robeson

I never imagined how many pieces of the puzzle there are when putting together a book! First of all writing it and illustrating it now seems as if that was the easy part. I had no idea how long the editing process would take. Even with four of us looking at it, I know there there must be typos hiding in there! Then there was uploading all the images in Photoshop and into the final program called InDesign. I spent a few hours watching online tutorials for sure! So now it is off to the printer and I was so excited when they told me the shipping date (to my studio) would be 11/11, which are lucky numbers to me. Yay! The next part of the process is to spread the word. Self publishing and printing requires a certain amount of that good old green stuff - money, so all of you who have pre-ordered already or are thinking of pre-ordering, I can't thank you enough! (Although I do include some fun goodies to show my gratitude!)

Then there are wonderful people who come into your life and help you with your dreams. Enter, Justin Stoner - photographer, videographer, story teller, hand holder, who has the gift of sharing the stories of others through his art. He gained some serious gold stars in heaven for how patient he was with me in creating this video! Thank you Simply Clear Marketing and Media !!!!! Justin, you and Lani are the best!

Check out the trailer & let me know what you think!!! xoxo Mari