Bar Cart Essentials

by Mari Robeson

Bar carts seem to be all the rage these days and it’s no wonder why. They are perfect for small spaces and apartment living, plus they are quite pretty. Nothing says Party like a well dressed bar cart!

With the holiday weekend ahead of us and long, hot summer nights, it's always fun to be party prepared!

What you'll need!

Alcohol would be a bit of an essential for making drinks. There are many types of alcohol but the basics would include: vodka, gin, rum, tequila, vermouth, triple sec & whiskey. With the right mixers, you can literally create dozens of different drinks from these basic staples.

Some people may not care for a mixed drink so you may want to consider stocking a few other options. A good bottle of champagne is always fun to have on hand for that surprise celebration! You may also want to consider having a couple bottles of wine available too. 

Mixers are important to have on hand as well. You may want to consider these basic ones: soda, tonic water, club soda, grenadine & bitters. Different juices are fun to play with too. Some good choices are tomato, lime, lemon, orange, grapefruit, pineapple, and cranberry.

Simple syrups are used in many different mixed drinks. You can get creative and make your own simple syrups. 1:2 parts sugar and water boiled. Add any spice you want or just use as a substitute for raw sugar. It can last for up to 6 months stored in your refrigerator.

Garnishes are the jewelry to your drink! A twist of lemon, a Maraschino cherry, will make any cocktail just a bit more festive. Garnishes to have on hand pre-party time could be cherries, olives, lemon and lime wedges, as well as fresh herbs like mint. Any seasonal fruit or vegetable, depending on the type of drink you are mixing, adds the finishing touch!

Pretty glasses! Here are the basics. Wine, champagne flute, highball, shot, rocks & a stemmed cocktail glass. 

Last but not least you’ll want to collect these utensils over time. A cocktail shaker, a long bar spoon, a jigger to measure exact shots, a muddler to crush fruit and herbs, and an ice cube bucket with prongs.

Create the atmosphere. Flowers, candles, bar art, tea towel, garnishes, stemware, ice bucket, cocktail napkins & fun mixing utensils.

The main thing is to create is a welcoming environment so that your guests feel free to help themselves throughout the evening and you’re not stuck behind a bar making cocktails. Have fun, drink responsibly & be safe! Cheers!