A Very Interesting Day...

by Mari Robeson

I started the day with a run on the beautiful Bob Jones trail in Avila Beach. Little did I know how the day would twist and turn just like the path I ran on. When I got home I was going through my Instagram feed when I saw to my delight that one of my favorite Real Housewives of New York had reposted my photo! That lasted all of  2 seconds when I realized that she had not given me any credit for my image. My friends were quick to point out that she had posted on her Facebook page as well, also with no credit. I always thought that when reposting someone's photo you gave them a shout out! Pottery Barn, Wicknest, Rosenberry Rooms, Layla Grayce and many others have been so gracious to me. Oh well, I suppose it's a lesson in watermarking my photos! After a few hours and enough comments from my friends, I did get a tag on her Instagram feed but so far not on her Facebook feed. 

My Pineapple Tea Towel is part of my Cabana Collection & available here! It also comes in prints & note cards.

But enough of that. I just have to let it go! Towards the end of the day a packaged arrived and my mood quickly shifted! This Adorable Llama traveled a Very Long Distance via Royal Mail no less, too meet his new friend! Check out Jessica Kathryn Art on ETSY!!! I seriously LOVE everything she creates and because my husband is from Peru, I just had to have this little guy! I adore him! So on that note, let's just say I'm happy this Monday is coming to an end!