Things Are Getting A Little Wild Around Here!

by Mari Robeson in , , , ,

I love a little animal print! “Little” being the important word here. Animal prints can be very bold so think about just using one type of print and selectively placing it in an area of impact. In other words, be conservative.

I also love animals so please only use the faux versions. I adore the look of a fabulous faux zebra rug angled on the floor. It makes me think this person must be well traveled or at least they are quite adventurous, but I really don’t want it to be a real skin. That just makes me sad. You can easily create the story of the well traveled person without harming anyone! Do not even get me started on elephant tusks! Those only belong to the elephant!

Some places you might consider adding a little “Roar” would be on the seat of a chair, an accent pillow, a rug, or a throw blanket. If you want to add animal print wallpaper, you may want to consider using it on an accent wall or on the back-side of a book case. Just a splash of animal reads sophisticated. Animal prints on all four walls would feel like a safari gift shop.

If you’re just not that person who can see yourself living with a wall covered in zebra stripes, it may suite you better to hang a painting of a zebra but I’m personally a fan of a little animal pattern play in a room. It fits my personality. It’s a design motif you can easily try without a whole lot of commitment or you can just get yourself a fabulous kitty cat, that will do the trick too!

1 Designer Jana Beck's Gorgeous Brush Stroke Lamp Coming Soon! // 2 Cameron Gold Leaf Black Velvet Chair From ShopTen25 prrrrrr // 3  Gold Leaf Square Table also from ShopTen25 //4 "Beatrice" The Zebra Exclusively Painted By Muah For The Pink Pagoda  5 Jonathan Adler Zebra Rug from Zinc Door