One Room Challenge - Week 6 The Final Reveal - Studio Make Over!

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Today's the day! The Big Reveal...ok sort-of-big Reveal. After looking through all the amazing design blogs I was so impressed with the level of accomplishments my fellow bloggers achieved with their make-overs! Since the entire process of the One Room Challenge was all new to me, I started with a room that just needed a little sprucing up, My Studio, which is up there, in my attic. My husband & I designed and built our house ten years ago and I've always loved the attic space as my studio but it's funky's an attic! 

I have to thank Linda of Calling It Home for putting this challenge together because it was huge motivation to go through and clear the clutter, not only in my studio, but in my entire house! The other really wonderful aspect of the challenge that I enjoyed more than anything was meeting so many incredibly talented designers. The banter over Gold Spray Paint on Instagram with so many of you especially, Emilie of Shell And Chinoiserie, kept my laughing through this entire process. Make sure you check out her reveal. We both purchased the same desk but she seriously glammed it up with some Gold Legs! Just fantastic!

So here we go. It all started with this cat. When cleaning out my studio I found all kinds of things that I had forgotten about long ago. When I found my daughters cat (she's now 15) it brought back a flood of happy memories, so outside to the tarp she went where she received a shiny new coat of Gold along with cabinet knobs (still haven't found ones that I REALLY Love so these will do for now), my card racks, mason jars & a gold vase.

I was pretty happy with all the items I painted fast...and easy...such instant gratification, one might even dare to say addicting! 

I'm an Interior Designer but I also have a line of textiles, art prints and cards. Everything in my studio is my work. The rack has some of my pillow collections, if you weren't sure what that was. :-)

Then came the "Heart of Gold" gallery wall. Painting it took a while because I used a brush when actually the best way to paint anything metalic is to spray it on. Then came hanging the pictures. I made a template but I will tell you that hanging picture frames level and straight was no simple task! THEN, back in Week 2 when I was being soooooo organized, I had forgotten that I filed all the paintings I wanted to hang on the wall. Of course I found all of them neatly stashed away, AFTER I had hung all the others. Good Grief! So down some of them came and I switched them out to this final design.

Onto the Rug. My attic can be super chilly or super hot sometimes. Luckily I'm in California so the weather is usually very nice but when it get's cold a fuzzy rug warms everything up! I shopped for a couple of weeks to find one I liked but there was always some issue. I actually had this one in storage which, guess what?, I found when I was cleaning out the rest of my house! I'm telling you Spring Cleaning is a great idea in more ways than one!! I love having my pillows and poufs all around me & Willow Loves it too!

Really the only thing I purchased for this make-over was some gold paint, frames & the desk (which I love!) It was more about setting aside the time to make the space feel good to me which was really fun! Fresh flowers are a must for me in every room. These are from my garden. Sometimes it's a race between me and the deer to see who gets them! 

I meet with clients in my studio, so I have a stocked mini-fridge at all times. 6 Weeks of One Room Challenge complete. I do believe that calls for some Champs! Cheers!

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