New Notecards & A Little Life Update

by Mari Robeson in , , , ,

I'm currently in the process of making over many projects in my life, big & small. Including a new website, new catalog and also the interiors of parts of my home. We built our house ten or so years ago and it's time for an update! As I started to put together my ideas for *my* interior design project, a fun little spark of inspiration happened. As most of you know, I'm an illustrator too and I love, love, love that I can combine Interior Design with my passion for Graphics & Painting. That's how this Herme's Tray Print came about. These are the colors I'm wanting to incorporate into my new Living Room. What happenned next was really thrilling! After posting a quick pick on my Instagram I heard from many talented designers who wondered if I could do the same type of painting for them but with one of their let's just say for now that this is happening! (More on that soon!) So excited to share those collaborations with you! I was also really happy to see how many of you were interested in purchasing the prints! They are available in my shop and now I've also included notecards! There's so much to be thankful for this rainy Friday...most of all I'm Thankful for You! Make sure to check back in this weekend for my FREE March Desktop Wall Paper I designed for District17 & you! I think it's one of my absolute favorites!!!