Monday's Mood Board - How To Style A Tray!

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Today's Monday Mood Board is "All In The Details". This week I'll be talking about ideas on how to style a tray. I'm freshening up my own interiors this year, starting with my Living Room. (More on that soon!) If you have no need to remodel your living space but want to change it up a little bit, here's a quick and easy way to brighten up your space. Simply change the decor on top of your coffee table. 

Even though I have a separate studio space in my home, I spend a lot of time working on my lap top in my Living Room. Being a very visual person, my environment is very important to me. A vase of fresh flowers, a delicious smelling candle, books that inspire...these are all things I surround myself with because they make me happy. 

I have a glass top coffee table. To make sure it doesn't get scratched I like to use trays. I have tons of them. I'm kind of obsessed with trays! I recently met @OohLaLaFinds via Instagram and fell in love with all their designer inspired trays! This Hermes inspired tray is divine! If you want a real Hermes, (I don't believe Hermes makes this actual tray any more), you may have to look at auction houses.

Here are my key ingredients to a fabulous coffee table tray:

A great smelling candle. One can't go wrong with Diptyque Candles

With a great smelling candle you will need matches. Place wooded ones in a small jar or purchase ones like these from Design Darling where the packaging is simply adorable!

A gorgeous vase of fresh flowers like this one by Bungalow 5.

Small decorative boxes to store items like reading glasses or pens. This one is almost too pretty for that with the stunning agate stone on top!

Not included but just as important, are books! Books tell people who you are and what you are interested in. I love seeing what books people surround themselves with!

One side note: I'm pretty smitten with how this little painting came out and decided to offer it for sale in my shop if you're interested! Happy Styling! Check back later this week for more thoughts on Styling A Tray! 

1 White Lacquered Box With Blue Agate From ShopTen25  2 Diptique Candle From Nordstroms  3 Bungalow 5 Summer Sided Vase From LaylaGrace  4 Designer Inspired Hermes Tray From TraysChic  5 Ginger Jar Matches From Design Darling