Monday's Mood Board - 10 Tips To Style A Tray For Your Coffee Table!

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On today's Monday Mood Board I'm wrapping up my series on How To Style A Tray for you Coffee Table. I put together this little watercolor painting to give you a few ideas on what you can use when you are creating your table top displays. First of all, make sure the items you collect bring you joy and make you smile. Think about height, layers & textures. I love books, as I mentioned before, because they tell people who you are. Stacks of books also make perfect pedestals for small objects like this fabulous Sphere or an aromatic Candle. 

I believe that fresh flowers can actually shift the way you feel and turn a blah day into a fantastic day. I usually stock up on flowers at the local Farmer's Market but if arranging fresh flowers on a weekly basis feels like a daunting task to you, you could always consider a small plant or succulent. 

Also, think about creative ways to display your flowers. I love the idea of repurposing used perfume bottles!

Small bowls, trays or decorative boxes are critical for me since I'm constantly misplacing my pens and reading glasses! This little zebra tray is just too adorable, well, only because it's not a real zebra skin, that's not adorable at all.

For real interest add something sculptural. I love, love, love these Agate Stones! They are not only sculptural but they bring in the element of nature. Keeping nature in mind, sea shells with candles is also a lovely idea. So there you have it! Ten simple & easy tips to bring some Happy into your Home!

Times Two Design Lollipop Agate Stone From ShopTen25

Scoppio Sphere from ZGallerie

Jonathan Adler Zebra Dish from Hattan Home

Ginger Jar Matches from Design Darling

Stacking Bowls from Anthropologie