We LOVE This Mood Board By gLaM-a-peel!

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Funny, I'm painting flamingos right now because I certainly feel like I've had my head burried in the sand, working away like crazy in my studio on all kinds of new designs. Just when you think, all work and no play makes you feel like you're not getting anywhere, you get a really delightful surprise from another designer!

I'm going to write more in depth about Karen from Glam-A-Peel and her INCREDIBLE Designs in the near future but I just had to show you what she created on Olioboard! The headboard decal is just one of many of her fabulous designs...Love, Love, Love them all!!! and of course the Kiss Me and Sparrow pillows are from muah...no pun intended... You can visit her Olioboard page here and make sure you Like GlamAPeel on Facebook here. The exciting thing is you can shop this look at the New Teen Decor website District17.com the awesome sister site to RosenberryRooms!!!!! I am beyond thrilled to have our products there (especially being the mother of three teenage daughters!!) Thank you Karen for including us in your great Mood Board Presentation on LOVE!!! xo