Our Macaroon Tea Towels Are Now On Sale! Get Them While You Can!

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The Tea Towel has quite the background. In the early nineteenth century the Tea Towel was used in England for the proper service of tea. The Victorian Ladies would often personalize their Tea Towels with embroidery and use them during Tea Time to cover food, take care of any spills, and later to polish silver or clean their delicate china. Although the dish towel of today certainly handles most of our everyday clean up, I still have a passion for the Tea Towel. I've collected many over the years and I use them for everything from lining a service tray to wrapping them around a bottle of wine as a hostess gift. So this year I was inspired to create my own. My Macaroon Calendar Tea Towel has had some lovely press lately and I appreciate all the lovely comments from those of you who have purchased one or two or three! But it's February already and I want you all to enjoy them even more so I AM HAVING A SALE!!! They are now 40% Off and available here

Inspired by Tea and the beautiful Audrey Hepburn...today's mix on my Monday Mood Board!