Mid Week Mood Board - I'm In Love!

by Mari Robeson

This year started out at a steady pace but then it seemed like everything accelerated into probably one of the busiest years of my life. This is not a complaint by any means. I love having multiple projects going but it is my excuse for the lack of posts lately! I finally had a chance to upload some of my new designs to my shop so that called for a Mood Board. When I designed my Diamond Love art print I had the image of a fabulous dressing room. I mean, what girl doesn't Love a fabulous closet and diamonds? When I painted my Arrow watercolor I was thinking about the direction of my goals and dreams, something I often contemplate quietly in the morning as I'm getting ready. It's a reminder to stay focused. Of course, if you really want to put together a dressing room to die for, you must head over to ShopTen25! That is where I found this gorgeous Amethyst Lamp, White Lacquered Cabinet, glamorous Ottoman, and this Rug...I'm obsessed with!

1 Round Tufted Linen Ottoman  2 Cielo Amethyst Lamp  3 Arrow Watercolor Art Print  4 Diamond LOVE Art Print  5 Voyage Plum Rug  6 Gatsby White Lacquer Cabinet