Congratulations Shop Ten25!

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Most of you know that I'm an Interior Designer by day and Watercolor, Textile, Home Decor, Graphic Artist, what am I leaving out??, Chef, Seamstress, Crafter...basically, my life IS Art in any form I can get my hands on. At the beginning of this year I started a new thing on my blog...(which I think I'll finally be able to get back too- what a crazy summer!), of doing My Monday Mood Boards, which are simple watercolor illustrations of home decor items and other pretties that make me smile. Well....I found many of these beautiful items from Shop Ten25! As it goes in the blogging world, the owner, fabulous Interior Designer, Abbe Fenimore and I became friends. I admire Abbe's fresh take on design. Her style is modern and colorful and we both share a passion for making our surroundings beautiful. Soooooo, you can only imagine how THRILLED I was when she asked me to do the illustrations on her new website!! Her new site launched TODAY and it's loaded with treasures! I'm happy to say you'll be able to see some of my collections there very soon too!!! Congratulations Shop Ten25!!!