Chip It! By Sherwin Williams

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My Bulldog Pillow Chipped

Well this is just about the coolest thing I have seen in a really long time! As an Interior Designer picking paint colors is a standard part of the job and one I'm pretty good at since I've been doing this a **really** long time. Often times the color we choose comes from an inspiration piece, photo or fabric. I have always likes the Sherwin Williams colors and I like the fact that you can purchase inexpensive sample jars..the whole deal, they are a great company to work with. So when I saw Chip It, I was thrilled. It's a super easy application that you can drag into your tool bar and then when you see an image on the internet, you hover over it and Chip It. The coordinating colors will pop up next to your image. You can then save it to your own file or print it out. I Chipped a few of my products and here is how they turned out. So much fun!!!

My Sparrow Pillow Chipped

My Chanel Print Chipped