Mid-Week Mini Mood Board - What To Do With A Hallway?

by Mari Robeson in , , ,

Some days are just really fun and today was one of them. I met with some of my favorite clients today as we have started the discussion on the interior details of their new home. The architecture is Mediterranean which brings to mind a treasure trove of details. Warm colors, dark wood doors, floors and cabinets just to name a few. Today we were having the discussion on what to put at the end of the hallway. All, yes all, of my design clients know that I'm not a fan of hallways, but if you have one, best dress it up the best you can. In this case the walk down this hall will have gorgeous floor length windows and french doors to the left, a cozy reading nook (I sense an upcoming blog post) to the right and a deep set window at the end of the hall to draw you in. Dark beams above, dark wood floors below and creamy walls....now that's a hallway I can live with! My client wanted a sketch of what that would possibly looked like so before our meeting today I painted this quick, like super quick, sketch. Happy Mid-Week Moodboard!

1 Marrakesh Pendant from Ballard Design 2 Suzani Pillow from One Kings Lane 3 Reynolds Bench from Ballard Designs