Monday's Mood Board...Black & Yellow!

by Mari Robeson in , , , ,

Monday’s Mood Board celebrates the launch of my new Vintage Rose Fabric and Pillows! Yay! I’ve always loved Black & Yellow together so it was really timely when a new client of mine told me her daughter wanted to do a yellow bedroom. Yellow is a tricky color, especially for a bedroom. You want to make sure the yellow is a warm yellow and avoid the bright yellows that have a green undertone to them. That type of yellow is an agitating color and not conducive to rest. Even the yellow in my watercolor is too bright (but fun for a watercolor) which is why I want to mention that to you.

I’ve included some fun finds in the room.  My client has a long window above her bed. Instead of covering it with a traditional window covering I wanted to treat it with something more unique. I saw the work of this ETSY artist and thought it would be terrific if they could create a wood cut-out that I could insert inside the window frame.

Another great find on ETSY were these chevron storage baskets. Tuck them inside a bench at the foot of the bed for extra storage.

By now you know I love the work of Jill Rosenwald and think her lamps are amazing. You can’t go wrong when searching for beautiful furniture and accessories when shopping at LaylaGrayce which is where the beautiful side tables and chandelier are from.

I couldn’t fit everything I wanted into today’s Mood Board so Wednesday I will post a follow up of some more ideas I want to  do in this room. Happy Monday everyone!

1 Vintage Rose Pouf & Pillow 2 Tufted Headboard from Amazon 3 Vintage Rose Fabric By The Yard 4 Newport Teardrop Lamp 5 Maura Daniel Chandelier From 6 Bennett Nightstand From 7 Elwoodworks On ETSY 8 Umbra Frama Mirrored Wall Décor Appliques