Saturday In Santa Barbara

by Mari Robeson in ,

Most of you know that just about every weekend you can find me on the soccer fields watching my daughters . Go Condors! Last weekend wasn’t any different but it was even more fun because Chyna had a morning game in Santa Barbara. That meant the rest of the afternoon would just have to go to lunch, the museum, and shopping of course! It just isn’t right to go to SB and not pay our respects to all the Mom and Pops as well as Anthropologie and Nordstrom.

So after Chyna got civilian again, aka out of her soccer uniform, we had lunch on State Street at a cute little Mexican restaurant.  Then we walked down to the Santa Barbara Museum. Much to our surprise, they were having several incredible exhibits!!! All my favorite Impressionists were represented as well as an incredible collection of Modern Art as well. It was heavenly!

After we left the museum we went to several little shops. I just love how everyone creates their displays and the architecture alone in SB is beautiful to look at. Soooooo much eye candy to take in. Of course I had to visit my favorite shop, Anthropologie. Talk about great displays. Their visual merchandisers are masters at it!

As the afternoon meandered on, the skys started to get grey and we knew the rain was coming…one last stop…Nordstroms. I don’t know why I love it so much there. Maybe because we don’t have any kind of shopping like that in San Luis Obispo. We don’t even have a mall! I love to look at all the designers and see their latest creations. I especially have a thing for purses. These are a few of my favorites, I painted just for fun.

We left Santa Barbara that day and drove home in the rain. Having that time with my youngest daughter, exploring and getting inspired, is a day I will always remember and hope to do again soon. (Oh yes, and they won their game that morning 3-0.) 

1 Kate Spade 2 Co Co Chanel 3 Tory Burch 4 Louis Vuitton