Sunday Sketches - Meet Monday Facebook!

by Mari Robeson in

Usually Sunday’s are all about spending family time and trying to get a little rest from the really hectic week. I try to sneak away to my studio and paint as my form of relaxation but yesterday I have to say I was a bit frustrated. My frustration was this new Facebook format. You need a banner image…well that’s like telling a little kid who loves every kind of ice cream to just pick one!

I thought I would just take out my paints and paint what ever I felt like…I had some beautiful roses given to me at the Harloe Talent Show (love them) so I started with a quick sketch of them…blah, not feeling it, so I just started to doodle, blah, still not feeling it…so I decided to go even more simple and just painted a quick chevron pattern to use for a background. This is what I came up with…I kept with the thought process of “Keep It Simple.”

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