Monday’s Mood Board – Taking Time To Smell The Roses!

by Mari Robeson in , ,

Last week we launched our Vintage Rose Pillows and Fabric and ever since, it seems everywhere I look, I see Roses! We have several varieties lining our courtyard in the front of our home and they are all “just about” ready to take off. A few of the early bloomers are already cut and placed around my home.

Other than the typical places to have arranged flowers, I personally like to have flowers in every bathroom too. It offers a little element of thoughtfulness that one doesn’t usually expect. I add a small clipping of jasmine and it keeps the room smelling wonderful all day and night. Side note: I love Jasmine too and have it planted under all our bedroom windows. In spring the entire house smells divine.

This little, red vase inspired the design of our powder room, The Red Bathroom as everyone calls it. We built our house over nine years ago and I still love the color of this room.

Monday’s Mood Board is full of Rose Inspired décor for the home. I hope you’ll take time to stop and Smell The Roses this week!

1 Wall Decal 2 Place Setting 3 Rose Knobs ETSY 4 Melamine Plate ETSY 5 Vintage Rose Fabric 6 Rose Wall Paper