Monday's MINT Mood Board!

by Mari Robeson in ,

It all started with a quick shopping trip with my oldest daughter, Serena. I was looking for red nail polish and she wanted to get a mint colored one. At first I said, "No way. That's so unattractive." As soon as the words left my mouth, I knew I was wrong. You see, Serena has been trend spotting her entire life and I know by now not to ever question her on that. 

Of course, the following week it seemed everywhere I looked I was seeing "Mint"! I came across this beautiful necklace on Kelly Market and in my mind I instantly saw a picture of a young girl with red hair wearing it. So for a change of pace I painted the girl in my mind for this Monday's Mood Board. I gave her a sweet head band I found over at ThreeBirdNest's fairly new ETSY shop. The rest of Monday's Mood Board consists of more Mint Love that I adore.

I'm pretty sure we will all be seeing a lot more of this color this Spring and Summer! Have a great week everyone!

1 Oliphant Design Sea Green Bauble Necklace  2 Revlon Minted Nail Polish  3 Calvin Klein Dress  4 Mint Nail Polish Inspiration  5 Arteriors Chandelier From LaylaGrayce  6 Mint Kate Spade Clutch