Sweet Summer Treats! Pumpkin Flowers...

by Mari Robeson in , ,

Wow….this is the longest blogging break I’ve taken in a long time, ever, actually…with due reason. All kinds of things have been happening at the Robeson household….Sweet 16 Birthdays, summer time schedules, graduations, mini vacations, and design, design, design…I’ve been working on a new restaurant, several homes, and refining the details on my new textiles, all sandwiched in between weekends of soccer tournaments….so to say the least…it’s been a bit crazy here!!!

But hey, through it all, we still have to eat right? I was on Twitter (you can follow me @MariRDesign) when I got the idea from the Oh So Inspirational Bellalimento to make some lightly fried and stuffed squash blossoms for Father’s Day. Since my volunteer pumpkins have decided to take over my garden, what better idea but to pinch off the blossoms and cook them up with some delicious homemade marinara sauce.

Well, I could barely take a picture! As fast as I was plating them they were gobbled up. So this isn’t any beautiful photo, it’s the real plate 2 seconds before it disappeared! I stuffed mine with a mix of ricotta and marinara cheese, add a few Italian herbs, and mmmmmmmmmm……. Yummmmmmmmy!!!!