Another Fabulous E-Magazine For Party Inspiration!

by Mari Robeson in , , ,

I can't believe March is almost over...there is so much going on at our studio, it's hard to find time to rest! If you've read a little of my blog background, I'm a designer by day and home decor product designer by night...add to the mix some new styling projects and a "green" table top collection coming soon, three amazing daughters, a fabulous hubby, well, you get the idea... so the day goes minute by minute...thankfully there are amazing inspirational people all around the internet to keep me inspired! Via twitter, (follow me!) I just discovered, yet another fabulous on-line magazine, created by the very talented Victoria Hudgins. If you like to entertain like we do at the Robeson house then you will love her magazine! Her blog is called A Subtle Revelry and loaded with beautiful pictures and entertaining ideas. I mean, look at this...yummy!