My 2012 Calendar & Mod Moroccan Wrapping Paper Is Here!

by Mari Robeson in , , , ,

For the second year in a row I've been fortunate enough to be asked by Central Coast Printing to create a holiday wrapping paper! They do a beautiful job printing this paper on two sides and the paper is so thick and luscious!

I am also introducing my 2012 Calendar to my shop! A great hostess, or teacher gift!!! hint, hint. :-) I have a whole lot of new product in production as we speak. It all would have been out much sooner, but... (personal update here)

As life goes, just as you're moving full steam ahead, you sometimes have to make a detour to pay attention to what's really important. That's what's been up lately, a series of some sad events, one right after the other. I'm not saying my work isn't important, it's my passion and I love it, in fact these days I'm finding it also helps me to keep moving along when my heart is so sad. So as my family and I move forward quietly processing recent events, work and life go on. I want to thank all my amazing friends who have dropped everything to help us out and for all the delicious dinners. Thank you, thank you, we are so blessed...xoxoxo