Serena's Skate Deck Debut!

by Mari Robeson

It's one of the best feelings to ever have when your child does well at something. It's even more exciting when they excel at something you personally love to do as well. Last night was an incredible evening. My 16 year daughter had her very first art show. It was a fund raiser to raise money for the San Luis Obispo Skate Park so she designed and painted a skate deck that went into a silent auction. When the first bidder came over and bid on her deck I can not tell you how proud I felt. Being an artist myself it was so exciting to see someone (who we didn't know) bid on her art! She painted a deer head on a teenage girls body. The story is that young girls are so bombarded by images in the media that they become desensitized, they are like a deer caught in the headlights, and no longer feel anything...notice she is about to cut her finger. Serena wanted her art to say that regardless of what the media says, she wants you to think for yourself. Wow! I can't wait to see what this young lady continues to do with her art!!! Great job Serena! You made me one proud momma. :-)