2010 California Mid State Fair!

by Mari Robeson

This was a really fun week…I had the honor to be one of the judges at the 2010 California Mid State Fair Pageant. It was a long day that started with a Meet and Greet luncheon then on to interview 13 amazing young ladies. These women give me new hope for our future! Not only were they all top of their classes academically but they were on track teams, and dance companies, 4H and Red Cross Volunteers…the list was endless!!! Many of them had amazing personal stories of overcoming great obstacles in their short lives. I will never look at a pageant the same after this. It was so much more than just beauty….

This is right before the show. My friend brought my 2 youngest daughters seen here. Thank you Carol!

Also this week we brought home two new, little family members! Meet Lucy & Willow. Willow is the grey kitty who purrs like a motor boat and Lucy is the silly one who like to chew on my toes! We’re all in love.