Creating A New Space To Create!

by Mari Robeson in

Days are warmer, nights are hotter and it couldn’t be busier….I actually thought it would calm down a bit, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Finally Friday I was able to mail off some important papers…I’m happy to say that after some negotiations and lots of questions I have signed a second licensing agreement. This one is for my line of children’s décor! I feel sooooo blessed to have met these two companies to help me expand my art and vision. Now to do the work!

The challenge is…I’m still unpacking!!!! Uggg…I don’t know about you, but it’s extremely difficult for me to work in an environment that’s in chaos, so I spent the entire day yesterday cleaning out my studio….(Why do I have papers from the year 2000???) So far I’ve only made a small dent and unfortunately it’s the kind of work only I can do…organizing fabrics and computer equipment, my artwork, my daughter’s artwork & years of Interior Design projects. It’s so easy to get side tracked by an old picture, a letter of endearment, and the gorgeous weather outside!

Luckily Serena kept me company. We blasted tunes on the ipod and cranked away …looks like today with be more of the same…that is, if I don’t have too many martini’s at Rosa’s today! Today is the Martini Shakedown from noon to 3:00, it’s always so much fun to see what the different restaurants come up with and of course, all the delicious food! ('s also fun to hear the comments on the decor and the bar...this was one of my favorite Interior Remodels...)

On a different note, I’ve been watching this volunteer sunflower bloom on our private drive. It started out small and with only the help of Mother Nature, it has been blooming beautifully. It certainly picked a nice place. The view is not too shabby.