A Little Before & A Little After...More To Come...

by Mari Robeson in ,

I've been cleaning and organizing and working and...i, yi, yi! Not much time to post these days because of this huge transition I've been making with my business as well as multiple design projects...and those 3...4...5...8...holy cow how many kids are spending the night? and why is my grocery bill so crazy? Welcome summer....it's just nutty!

But as I'm organizing my new studio space, I'm finding all kind of goodies. I found a purse that I thought I lost that I just loved, some money, a few gift certificates, lots of pictures and art projects....fun stuff! Just as I'm organizing my physical space, I'm also organizing my information for my new website. I'm so bad at taking pictures of the jobs I've done, but happily I've found a few before and afters. Here are just two...I'll be updating my flickr folder if you're interested in seeing more.

Kitchen Before:

Kitchen After:

This was a fun project. My client is an Ambassador and traveled all over the world. They had an unused room and tons of books, so I suggested a library. I was inspired by a mask from one of their travels and built the room around it.



It only takes one small piece that you love to use as a jumping off pad to design.

More to come... :-)