Birthday Kitties!

by Mari Robeson in

Last Christmas was a very sad time for myself and my family. Our sweet Kitty of almost 22 years past away. Chloe was a total "Love" all her life. She followed me everywhere and was incredibly special to me. After she died I wasn't so sure I could get another kitty for a while... I figured if it just happened then it would be meant to be. So when my friend Cindy was visiting me and received a text message that another friend of ours cat had just had kittens, it was pretty shocking. Especially after the fact that I was just speaking about it to Cindy. I was telling her that my oldest daughter really wanted a grey striped kitty for hr birthday. We texted back the question, "What kind are they?" Answer "Grey Striped!" I'll take one...and our friend replyed, "Two for one special!" I wasn't so sure about taking two of them but later that week when I went to see them I noticed that there were only two that were grey striped, the other three looked like Chloe! yes, I'm taking two! :-) You see it's my birthday too....

We won't be able to bring them home for a few more weeks, but we're already madly in love. Have a great weekend everyone!