My Bedroom Makeover! Finally....

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At the beginning of this year I gave myself a Thoughtfully Design my "own" home. I started in my garden, which hopefully we'll be able to tackle again this weekend, with soccer tournaments and a lot of California rain, my garden project has been slow going. So I turned my efforts my bedroom. It's challenging being a designer because there are so many choices. What is so simple for me to see for others, can sometimes be the opposite for myself. I'll tell you what though, when you get an email from the editor of a fantastic magazine and they say they'd like to see some room shots with your product in it...well, you figure it out real quick!

I literally had about 2 weeks to re-design my bedroom, which meant I had to work with what I had. There was no time to order new furniture etc. but much to my liking, I'm pretty happy with how I reinvented what I already had. To start with was this dresser. Yikes! A throw back to college days. But when looking at it, I really still liked the shape of it, so a new coat of paint to match the coral in my Mod Morrocan fabric and, well, I'm pretty happy with the results!Some of you may remember an old screen I had found at an antique shop. I actually had it in my boutique window for a little while. At first I was going to paint the dresser white and the wall behind my bed coral but decided to switch that at the last minute and paint the wall black... You know I tell my husband, "Honey, I'm painting the wall black." and he doesn't say a word, he just comes in and paints it for me. Then we added the white trim from good ole' Home Desperate, I'm mean Home of my clients told me that. :-)

The really fun thing was that weekend my niece, Shaunah, was visiting and we collaborated on what to put on the black wall, the wings or the screen from my window??? You can see what won below.

So last week the amazingly talented Jenny Mallot of Live Artfully Productions took some fantastic photos of 3 of the rooms that I've designed with my new fabric (not even in my shop yet!) and we sent the pictures off to the editor...fingers crossed, hopefully they'll want to use a few of them. Until then it was a fun project that I'm happy to cross off my list for 2010!

Also, I have to give a big Thank You to Nina Taylor, who sewed a tons of pillows and these drapes for me just in time for the shoot! More to come on the fantastic Sewing Atelier soon!!!!