Going Green...It's A Good Thing!

by Mari Robeson

I had no idea Spring Break would be so....well, Green. While down in Ventura working on a project and visiting family, Bill and I decided to look at cars. I've always been a Volvo gal but the cost of keeping one has made me rethink things...also the fact that I drive a lot...between design clients all over the county, actually state, and my kid's soccer tournaments, we just decided that we should be a little more green...we checked them all out and settled on the Toyota Prius. I'm pretty happy about it so far. The gas millage, the gps, the back up camera, and the ipod hook up, just to name a few things...pretty cool. Ironically, after I dropped off my daughter at a friend's house, I saw a good friend of mine working in her garden. She shared with me a new magazine that she's been writing for San Luis Obispo Edibles. Wow! I highly suggest you get your hands on one of these if you are local. This magazine is full of wonderful resources! Just feeling a little happier being a little kinder to our precious earth.