A Very Happy Elephant Birthday Tea Party?

by Mari Robeson in , ,

It hasn't been this busy for seriously a long time...long hours day and night...I'm certainly not complaining, just some things, aka this little blog of mine, have taken a back seat for a little bit. On top of multiple projects my baby....waaaa....just hit double digits! She's 10! How does that happen? I wish I could freeze time...This Sat was her birthday party. It was kind of a mixed theme. Chyna loves Elephants so I made her invite and little gift bags to reflect that. With 6 little girls in tow we went to see the new Alice In Wonderland... Just Fantastic!!!!! So it was kind of an elephant tea party, but with hot chocolate not tea...weird...I know, but it was really fun. We painted tea cups and had delicious cake after the movie. On their own initiative the butcher paper got painted too. Happy Birthday Sweet Chyna Doll! We Love You!