Hiphugger Fantastic!

by Mari Robeson

I've been working on an entirely new collection I'm hoping to launch late Spring...it will include new textile designs and home accessories. So when I'm not focused on my Interior Design projects, I'm immersed with textiles...One thing I'm so happy to see is more color! Flowers, retro designs, new, fresh color...a sign that times just may be turning around a little. My friend Nina Taylor, also a fantastic fashion seamstress, (She specializes in Wedding Dresses!!!) was soooooooo sweet last week when she gave me this awesome purse designed by Craftinista, Marcia of MyHipHugger. She uses vintage fabrics and and breathes new life into them. This is what I'm talking about! I just really love this bag and Marcia's entire vision. Make sure to check her out!