Well Hello Rain! And Wind! And Thunder!

by Mari Robeson in ,

I don’t know about you but I’m fascinated by rain…probably because we don’t see it very often, certainly not the way it hit these past few days.  On Sunday it was pretty nutty standing in the down pour for hours watching my youngest daughter play soccer…fortunately, or not, the team kept advancing in the tournament which meant more games throughout the day. By the 3rd game on Sunday everyone was soaked to the bone. I told Chyna she played in it so well because she’s a Pices! There’s nothing like getting home to a hot shower and a fire after a day like that.

Yesterday the storm continued. Having a day off with my family was heavenly…then the power went out. From noon until late into the night…no cell phones, mine died, no computers, no tv, no video games, even no music….instead…. hot chocolate, home made chicken soup, candle light,  a glowing fire, charades, reading, talking and sharing most embarrassing moments, jammies, sleeping bags…and to top it off Bill figured out that you can make brownies in a frying pan…hence, Brownie Pancakes! I know they don’t look great but they sure tasted great, especially with a little whip cream.This morning, grateful that the power is back on, my daughter said, “That was the best weekend I think I’ve ever had.”

Hmmm…that says a lot about unplugging every once in a while doesn’t it?