Thoughtful Design: The Garden - Part 2...could be lots of parts with this! :-)

by Mari Robeson in ,

All week I worked, went grocery shopping, did laundry, drove kids to soccer practices, paid bills, talked with friends, and tried to even get a little work out in here and there… the days go by so fast. They are so full of stuff to check off the list. It’s no wonder I couldn’t wait to get back to the garden on Sunday. I really had to think about that, especially as I trimmed back an overgrown potato bush by my fountain. I was so proud of myself as I swept up the clippings, sweat dripping under my baseball cap. This is hard work I thought…why do I enjoy it so much?

As I took in a deep breath of crisp clean air, I knew why. I heard my daughters laughing as they approached me with a new little friend that took quite a liking to Chyna. The neighbor’s dogs must have heard us and they all came down to be part of the action. Soon Bill and I went over to Tom’s house who let us borrow his mule to bring down some dirt. I’m so thankful for those men. That’s the kind of stuff I’m not sure I could physically do.

As we, well Bill, shoveled away, everyone visited and talked about what’s the best thing to plant right now. I think we’ll try some squash and beans, maybe lettuce too.

What I learned is that nature has many stories to tell if we are quiet enough to listen. Gazing upon my roses sparks a part of some inner joy I appreciate. So simple, so perfectly designed. I guess it’s that connection with nature that I’m drawn to at the end of a busy week.

This is Hanna, my neighbors rescue dog, with her pretty painted nails she couldn’t wait to show off.