Fantastic Friday!

by Mari Robeson in , ,

Another Fantastic Friday making art with kids! So this is kind of my little contribution to my daughter's school and it has been so much fun for me. Last week I did Noodle Portraits with 4th graders and today it was a collective painting with 31 very talented 6th graders! I wanted a symbol that would be inspirational. I wanted the kids to understand that we as individuals are just one piece of the puzzle, but when we work together we can create something much bigger than ourselves. It only works if everyone participates and, Wow!, did they! They didn't know what they were painting, they just knew they were painting a piece of the puzzle. At the end I asked them, "What would make the world a perfect place?" They all said "Peace"....well, there you go. :-) BTW this painting will be mounted and up for auction at the school bbq to raise money for the 6th Graders Science Camp! I know I will be bidding on it!

On another tidbit of fun news, I was really flattered to have my Personalized Wedding Pillows featured on DIY Bride as a Friday Fab Find! How cool is that? You can read this great Blog and get all kinds of ideas and resources for planning your own Do It Yourself Wedding.

Have a great weekend something creative!