Room With A View...

by Mari Robeson

I made it! Three days of camping with family and friends and I have to was REALLY fun! If you know me, one guess will tell you I'm far from the camping type, but goodness, with the beautiful California Coastline, how could you not have a great time? After surviving the first night of critters getting into the food (right next to my tent!) and all kinds of unfamiliar noises, Oh Ya, and "that dog" that almost attacked me when I got up to..a hem...use the facilities...believe me, I dove back into the tent! This was the view when I woke up. Not bad right? That's actually the ocean straight ahead! What a way to "Unplug".

Between our friends who are seasoned campers and my husband, Mr. Half Dome, there was more than enough yummy food and how can you beat Starbucks made the old fashion way?

We could walk to the beach where the girls surfed and boogie boarded alllllllllllll day!

I highly recommend camping in Big Sur. If you're a type A like me, you'll end up enjoying it the most of all!

Happy Summer!