Viva La Handmade!

by Mari Robeson in

I've been absent lately, I know, trying to figure out life's next step. My lease is coming up soon and I'm itching to get a bigger space. Partly to feature my new designs but also to feature some of the amazing artists that are in this beautiful area as well. Should I stay or should I go? Ahhhh.....

It's also been incredibly busy with my Interior Design projects, some of which have been quite's one thing to be hired for your design ability, ideas, resources, but that doesn't necessarily mean the client will always take my advice, but it's all a learning experience and I'm always thankful for that... Bill's always telling me that I worry too much, I think I'll try to take his advice this time and just chill....or as my 13 year old would say, "Chill-Lax".

I've also been working on two new exciting websites! One will feature local artists on the Central Coast (so if you are one don't hesitate to contact me!!!) and the other will have my product for sale, both very fun! On a weekly basis I meet lovely, talented artists who I enjoy sharing business ideas and tips with. Over the past year I've been writing it all down and soon you'll be able to download it all. Sites like Handmadeology have also been insightful for artists who want to sell on line. My new site will have tons of information, hopefully to help you bring your art and your vision into the world. We need ART! :-)