Playing Hooky!

by Mari Robeson

Perfect timing! I finally finished my new fabric designs and they are off to print! Yay! And what better way to celebrate than to spend the morning with my daughter's third grade class at the amazing Shell Beach tide pools. What a blast! All the children were very careful and placed everything back where they belonged. I couldn't believe the beauty we found. Yes, that's an Octopus!!!

It made me think of an interesting conversation I had with my new neighbor the other day. They just finished building their house (and if you've ever built or remodeled a home, at the end you're always feeling a bit financially depleted...) she said she didn't think they would be taking any summer vacation this year. I just had to laugh and say, "Why would you need to take a vacation when you live in paradise?" Honestly, this is such a beautiful place to live and so many amazing places to explore, like the tide pools!